A brand new eSports scandal has surfaced, this time a DOTA 2 team has been kicked out of running for a $15 million prize pool for a player using macros throughout a game.

Motherboard has reported that Valve has disqualified a South American Peruvian DOTA 2 team called Thunder Predator from The International 2018. The removal was under the pre-tense of the player Atun using macros. Atun was using the Razer Synapse software to program mouse keys, allowing him to teleport several character clones at once which is not possible without some kind of manual configuration software.

The team that has been busted has spoken out against the removal and has denied any use of macros but has said that “manual configuration” is used “to be able to have a better use of hardware.” Thunder Predator has taken to Facebook to give a full statement on the matter, saying “The player of our squadron ‘Atún’ has a Razer Synapse mouse, which, like any professional player, has put its own manual configuration to be able to have a better use of Hardware in benefit of its efficient performance in each of the games played with this hero (Meepo)” If you wish to view the full statement visit the Facebook post here.



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